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This Month's Headlines

  • Over 100 new export restrictions have been imposed in reaction to the coronavirus crisis, including some new restrictions on food and agriculture exports.
  • Chinese purchases of U.S. agricultural goods have increased but fall far short of levels needed to meet Phase One commitments.
  • The White House notified Congress that USMCA will go into effect on July 1, over objections of the many business leaders, members of Congress, and others opposed to the aggressive timeline.
  • The United Kingdom agreed to continue Brexit negotiations with the European Union virtually, increasing pressure on the United States to forge ahead with its negotiations with the UK. It was announced in early May that the U.S. – UK FTA negotiations would begin on May 5, 2020.
Date posted: 5/5/2020 *Disclaimer: policy status can change frequently and these headlines may not be current to the day.

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