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The partners of DTB Associates have considerable expertise and an excellent track record representing both domestic and foreign interests before agencies of the U.S. executive branch, the U.S. Congress, state and foreign governments, and international organizations.

DTB Associates was founded in 2000 by internationally recognized experts in agriculture, trade policy, and trade law to provide legal, strategic, and tactical advice to producers and exporters competing in the global food and fiber market. Since its inception, DTB Associates has enjoyed great success, expanding both its partnership and its client base.

In 2008, DTB's capabilities were significantly enhanced with the addition of partners with extensive experience in legislative affairs, immigration policy, commercial business, fisheries policy and relations with Latin America.


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DTB Associates is committed to helping its clients find and employ the most effective legal, lobbying and negotiating tools to respond to issues that stand in the way of achieving their objectives in the global marketplace. Finding solutions to business and trade problems can be a daunting task. We offer our clients broad experience in devising strategies to deal with issues of concern directly with federal agencies, congressional offices, governments and international bodies, or as a part of ongoing bilateral, regional and multilateral trade negotiations.


The mission of our firm is to provide our clients with the highest level of personal and professional service to meet their particular needs. That may mean working to remove international trade barriers or resolve trade disputes, ensuring that regional and multilateral trade agreements fulfill a client's economic objectives, or working within the legislative or regulatory processes to solve specific problems.

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