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The partners at DTB Associates have excellent working relationships with U.S. and many foreign government officials and are able to bring these resources to bear to help our clients resolve immediate trade problems and accomplish longer term trade policy objectives. Our partners have worked on most agricultural trade issues over the past three decades and have dealt with virtually every commodity and country.

Our partners have the experience necessary to respond to a client's legal, business or policy needs in the trade arena, having served in key positions such as special trade counsel to the Secretary of Agriculture, as international trade negotiators at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and in important diplomatic posts, such as the U.S. Trade Representative’s Mission to the WTO in Geneva (combined eight years), the U.S. Mission to the EU in Brussels (another eight years) and the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

They have also been involved in a number of legislative and executive initiatives concerning fisheries policy, immigration, and appropriations, and are able to serve their clients' needs in Spanish, French and German.

Our Team

Paul Drazek

Paul Drazek, Partner
Paul has a wide range of experience in trade negotiations and in the domestic politics of trade, having participated in both multilateral and bilateral negotiations while serving as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture for Trade and as an advisor to the Secretary and the U.S. Trade Representative on their joint Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee.

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Craig Thorn

Craig Thorn, Partner
Craig focuses on issues related to the World Trade Organization (WTO), international trade negotiations, regulatory trade barriers and biotechnology.

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Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan, Partner
Since joining DTB Associates in 2003, Mark has focused on market access and subsidies issues affecting U.S. agricultural exports.

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Carlos Mateo Paz-Soldan

Carlos Mateo Paz-Soldan, Partner
Mateo provides DTB clients expertise in international trade, agricultural and food law and policy, government relations and lobbying, as well as fishery law and policy, immigration law and policy and U.S.-Latin America commercial and trade relations.

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Violeta Gutierrez

Violeta Gutierrez, Director for International Business
Violeta focuses on the export trading companies (ETCs) under DTB's administration, and providing support to the firm's diverse clientele in her areas of expertise including international trade, food safety, market access and agribusiness development.

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